Still Standing

All of the small towns Still Standing has visited so far

Over 75 episodes, Jonny Harris and the Still Standing crew have been as far north as Inuvik, NT, as far west as Skidegate, BC and as far east as Avondale, NL. And that's just the first six seasons!

We've been everywhere, man.

Jonny Harris and the Still Standing crew have been as far north as Inuvik, N.W.T., as far west as Skidegate, B.C. and as far east as Avondale, N.L.

"Everyone's a good bunch. Canadians are a good bunch." Dive into small-town Canada with Jonny and see why these towns are still standing. 


(Chris Armstrong/CBC)


During Season 5, Jonny explores the Harbour Grace, N.L. airfield that has been graced by many famous pilots since 1927 — including Amelia Earhart. (CBC/Still Standing)


Jonny gets lessons in traditional Danish dancing in New Denmark, N.B. during Season 4. (CBC/Still Standing)

Campobello Island, N.B.
Jonny attends a community potluck, spends time whale watching with Captain Mackie Greene and gets the inside scoop on this town with a host of accessibility challenges from 9th generation islander, Theresa Mitchell.

Schreiber, Ont.
Jonny lends a helping hand with making Italian sausage from scratch, has breakfast with former crooner Cosimo Filane and his family and gets into some embroidery with boxing star Domenic "Hollywood" Filane.

Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.
Jonny goes sturgeon fishing in this seasonal resort town, learns about the local "anatomically-wondrous" Sasquatch sculpture and relaxes by the notorious hot springs with local artist Aileen Penner.

East Preston, N.S.
Jonny shoots hoops with Canadian basketball star Justine Colley-Leger, shoots a 60-pound compound bow and gets a chance to discuss empowerment with Senator Dr. Wanda Thomas Bernard.

Churchill, Man.
Jonny gets to drive a Polar Rover, speaks with a bear-attack survivor, and swings by a community softball tournament where he talks with locals about the curveball that was thrown at Churchill when they suddenly became a fly-in-only town.

Fortune, N.L.
This former cod-fishing town is known as the gateway to the French islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon. After Jonny snacks on croissants and fine cheese, he chats with the big cheese, Mayor Charles Penwell and later attends a downhome shed party.

Nipigon, Ont.
Jonny climbs up Mt. Helen, takes a tour through photographer Art "Baggy" LaFrambois' studio and gets a lesson in making crepes from an 11-year-old business owner.

Harbour Grace, N.L.
Jonny cruises around town with author and historian Pat Collins, attends a High Tea and takes a stab at Trivia Night with some locals while learning about this former cod-fishing town. 

Gravelbourg, Sask.
Jonny tries out blacksmithing with an expert knife-maker, gets his groove on learning French tap dancing and chats with Gravelbourg's Town Historian Louis Stringer.

Bristol, Que.
Jonny visits an Alpaca farm, tries his - er, feet at kick-sledding and goes for a moonlight ski through the town of Bristol.

Lumby, B.C.
In this former logging town, Jonny gets up close and personal with the trees while learning about 'forest bathing', visits a 40-acre grow-op that's hoping to make pot for pets and joins the circus!

Calabogie, Ont.
In what might just be "the funnest small town in the country," Jonny learns how to sit-ski, takes a winter safety driving course and takes part in the apres-ski 'shoot the boot' tradition.

Siksika Nation, Alta.
Jonny visits the second largest reserve in Canada and chats with Astokomii Smith, Calgary Stampede First Nations Princess, visits a spooky film set and learns about Indian Relay Racing with former team racers Allison Red Crow and Cody Big Tobacco.


Jonny visits Manitou Beach's unintentional "water park" in Season 3. (CBC/Still Standing)

Tignish, PEI
Residents of Tignish are banking on new initiatives to get by, like harvesting sea plants for cattle.

Carcross, Yukon
Jonny bikes down Montana Mountain, tries his hand at Tlingit artwork and braves the bees to help expand the colony at the local apiary.

Rogersville, N.B.
Jonny tries to keep up with the Run Club, harvests crops at the community garden and dips into the very serious ick-factor of making Kombucha.

Fraser Lake, B.C.
Jonny helps prep some purebred bulls for auction, visits the town's 'Newfoundland Cul-de-Sac' and gets taken hostage by the RCMP.

Cobalt, Ont.
After its schools and businesses closed, Cobalt, Ont., is rebuilding its reputation as a rough-and-tumble mining town.

New Denmark, N.B.
When Canada was in its infancy, a small but fierce group of Danish immigrants settled in N.B. Today, their descendants hold on to their Danish roots.

Wilberforce, Ont.
The struggling hamlet, Wilberforce, Ont., is rebranding themselves as a go-to destination by capitalizing on its natural outdoor beauty.

Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Ont.
Jonny meets a special family of first-language Mohawk speakers, takes flight in a single-engine plane and goaltends for one of Team Canada's floorball players.

Huntingdon, Que.
Jonny is put to task on a bakery assembly line, has his rubber arm twisted to do some chocolate-tasting and learns the ropes about throwing a real punch.

Radisson, Sask.
Jonny visits the spa for a not-so-relaxing service and stumbles gracefully through a ballroom dancing lesson.

Canso, N.S.
This small Nova Scotia town has always played a big role in Canadian technology. Now it's been selected as Canada's new home for space launches.

Minto, Man.
An eccentric millionaire shared his $1.5M inheritance with his hometown of Minto, Manitoba. But nobody can remember him living there.

Wells, B.C.
Jonny Harris meets artist Peter Corbett in Wells, B.C., and he paints the most beautiful winter scenes.


Jonny talks with a Telkwa, B.C. horticulturalist about his plans to grow medical marijuana in Season 2. (CBC/Still Standing)

Fort McMurray, Alta.
"Sometimes tragedy brings out the best in people." Jonny Harris says Fort McMurray has a lot to be proud of.

Wabana, Bell Island, N.L.
Jonny goes for a dive to explore some WWII wreck sites, gets some step dancing lessons, and has a kitchen party at Dicks' Fish and Chips.

Manitou Beach, Sask.
Jonny visits Manitou's "water park", delivers a monologue at the theatre, and tries to stay on target at the archery club.

Mattawa, Ont.
"It's not about just building a canoe to put it on the lake. It's about sharing my culture." Jonny learns the art of birchwood canoe building.

Edgerton, Alta.
"It's elegant and dangerous all at the same time." These talented women from Edgerton, Alta., aren't horsing around when it comes to trick riding.

Avondale, N.L.
Jonny goes for a white-knuckle spin in a race car at Avondale's Eastbound International Speedway.

Lake Cowichan, B.C.
Lake Cowichan, B.C., has been dying a slow death. But they're about to host a massive country music festival that could save—and overwhelm—their small town.

Reston, Man.
Happy hour at Alice's = a gathering of seniors with surprisingly dirty minds.

Tumbler Ridge, B.C.
Jonny meets a palaeontology power couple who exemplify carbon dating at its finest.

Norwood, Ont.
Jonny tastes some crunchy crickets, feeds a crowd of hungry gators, and gets an almost TOO-relaxing Thai massage.

Vulcan, Alta.
Welcome to Vulcan. This small Alberta town is Canada's Star Trek capital.

Gilbert Plains, Man.
Jonny discovers the power of hemp, makes some pierogies with the mamas and the babas, and picks up the beautiful art of Veselka dancing.

South River, Ont.
Jonny plays with magic, makes friends with the crossing guard, and indulges in a big Indian feast.


Jonny gets a lesson from a young archery champ in Manitou, Man. during Season 1. (CBC/Still Standing)

Skidegate, B.C.
In the Season 2 premiere, Jonny fries up a big batch of fresh donuts, busts out the chainsaw to carve his very own totem pole, and picks up a fierce game of hoops.

Vanastra, Ont.
Jonny loads boxes of 'nipples' (pipeline fittings), gets up-close and personal with a swarm of chickens, and tries his hand at a game of curling.

Georgetown, P.E.I.
Jonny flexes his mussels, goes back to grade school, and gets acquainted with the town ghost.

Fort Colounge, Que.
Jonny pampers the town's furry friends, samples a taste of maple heaven, and ziplines through the trees to catch a breathtaking view.

Telkwa, B.C.
Jonny discovers the art of sausage stuffing, gets his boots dirty on some rugged terrain, and learns about a horticulturist's plans to grow medical marijuana.

Eganville, Ont.
Jonny goes spelunking, takes on a paper route, and gets his squares in order for bingo night.

McAdam, N.B.
Jonny visits a floundering community that is looking to its historic railway to get back on track.

Inuvik, N.W.T.
Jonny visits an oil town excited for the completion of a new highway that will complete Canada's road network from coast to coast to coast.

Omemee, Ont.
Jonny meets Neil Young's childhood friend, takes rifle shooting lessons from the town doctor, and goes adventure diving in a swimming pool.

Stanstead, Que.
Jonny puts on a "hard rock" show, straddles the Canada-US border, and picks up a game of shinny.

Pilot Mound, Man.
This small Manitoba town got its hockey rink thanks to a ballsy fundraising idea: a calendar of men 55 and over, in the buff.

Mabou, N.S.
Jonny tears up the trails with a member of The Rankin Family, picks up some conversational Gaelic, and helps welcome a Syrian refugee family to the Maritimes.

​​​Maple Creek, Sask.
Jonny meets a trio of new Canadians who helped their small Saskatchewan town recover from a devastating flood by restoring its beloved 19th-century hotel.


Bamfield, B.C. 
Jonny befriends a local socialite with a cannon, narrowly survives a fake Tsunami and discovers the true meaning of hard-core community.

Coleman, Alta.
Jonny digs up the dirt on the Rocky Mountain mining town of Coleman, Alberta.

Souris, P.E.I.
Jonny sails into the seaside town of Souris, P.E.I. to fish with the friendliest folks around.

Willow Bunch, Sask.
Jonny meets the larger than life characters of Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan.

Berwick, N.S.
As the residents of Berwick, Nova Scotia demonstrate, if you shake the barrel, the big apples will rise to the top.

Oil Springs, Ont.
Jonny visits historic Oil Springs, Ontario – the birthplace of the modern oil industry.

Lytton, B.C.
Jonny pans for gold and learns that the true currency in Lytton, B.C. isn't dollars, it's trust in the future.

Manitou, Man.
In Manitou, Manitoba, Jonny learns you don't get to be a town of champions without fighting for your place.

Wawa, Ont.
Jonny thumbs his way all the way up to wawa-wonderful Wawa, Ontario.

Teeswater, Ont.
Jonny takes a joy ride to "tractor town" Teeswater, Ontario.

Rowley, Alta.
Jonny gets marooned in the old western ghost town of Rowley, Alberta.

Buxton, Ont.
Jonny rings the liberty bell where freedom reigns in Buxton, Ontario.

Fogo Island, N.L.
Jonny takes the ferry to the edge of the earth, rugged Fogo Island, Newfoundland.