Still Standing


How a Nova Scotia man found an arcane law that no one knew existed to launch his hansom cab company

East Preston's Terry Thomas tells Jonny Harris how he got Halifax, N.S. to pony up permits for his hansom cab company.

Where we're going in Season 5 of Still Standing

Jonny Harris and the Still Standing crew are taking you to 13 more awe-inspiring small towns across Canada in this season's episodes!

Jonny learns how the (Italian) sausage is made in Schreiber

In Schreiber, Ont. Jonny meets Nonna Spezial who invites him into her kitchen for a cooking lesson: hand-made Italian sausage.

'Smalltown audiences are up for a laugh': Jonny Harris reflects on five seasons of Still Standing

Ahead of the fifth season of CBC's Still Standing, comedian Jonny Harris joins q's Tom Power to look back at some of the highlights from the show.

5 true things about Canada that Jonny Harris has learned from making Still Standing

The truth about the politeness thing and more, in his own words.

3 small Canadian border towns with unusual ties to their neighbo(u)rs

Proof that small-town neighbourliness knows no borders.

Small town summer bucket list items to check off before the season's done!

Chip trucks, drive-ins, quarry swims and more!

Why the Choutla Reclamation Project is bittersweet for Carcross, Yukon

"We're trying to make this place comfortable for people who were affected by this school to come back and take a positive out of a negative."

Small town gifts for Jonny Harris

Jonny Harris and the Still Standing crew have visited so many Canadian small towns over the years, collecting some generous gifts along the way.

Why these Limousin cattle in Manitoba are extra-fancy

Jonny Harris connects with a farmer who breeds Limousin cattle in Minto, Man. — and no, he can’t rent you a vehicle for your prom

Why these artists rejected city life (and how they're making it big in their small town)

"Being in a small town can open up a lot of opportunities to make meaningful connections with people who can help you along the way.”

How to make kombucha in 6 steps

Challenge: try not to barf while watching this. Jonny Harris learns how to make kombucha with master brewer Philippe Gervais.

A phone call from Jonny's mom

Why hasn't Jonny's mom been calling him lately?

7 intimidating food challenges from Canadian small towns

Ever wanted to eat a burger the size of your head? We have some places for you.

5 small Canadian towns that once served a big purpose

Each of these towns has a long history and a great story to tell

The mayor of Tignish, P.E.I., is also an eel fisherman

"He goes through the vomit to study what the last meal of the eel was to figure out where the eels are. It's all very Murdoch Mysteries."

5 small towns taking on big issues

Across the nation, small towns are tackling big problems.

Meet Neil Young's childhood friend named "Goof"

Jonny Harris meets Neil Young's childhood friend in Omemee, Ont.

Meet some impressive young Canadians doing big things in small towns

Some of them aren't old enough to vote, but they're old enough to change the world

Behind the scenes: Making a Still Standing episode

onny Harris takes us through how he and the crew work together to produce a single Still Standing episode.

Crave-worthy foods from Canadian small towns

From Persian donuts to wheel pizza, here are Canada's best small town snacks

Watch Full Episodes of Still Standing on CBC Gem

Jonny Harris visits some of smallest towns in Canada and finds the biggest stories of resilience and laughter.

Jonny discovers a slice of southern Italy tucked away in northern Ontario

A century ago, immigrants from Siderno, Italy, came to Schreiber, Ontario. The descendants of these founding famiglias are still there and are a big part of what's keeping this unique but struggling community alive. Watch now.

All of the small towns Still Standing has visited so far!

Over 54 episodes, Jonny Harris and the Still Standing crew have been as far north as Inuvik, NT, as far west as Skidegate, BC and as far east as Avondale, NL. And that's just the first four seasons!

Meet Jonny Harris, Host of Still Standing

'As soon as I found out about Still Standing, I knew I wanted to do it.'