Stellar reviews and celebrity tweets: Normal People has fans and critics obsessed

Spotlight on all the acclaim around the new drama Normal People, premiering May 27 on CBC Gem

Spotlight on all the acclaim around the new drama Normal People, premiering May 27 on CBC Gem


From five-star reviews to celebrities raving on social media, Normal People has been praised both as one of the best book-to-series adaptations in recent years as well as an engrossing millennial drama with fans of all ages.

Premiering on May 27th on CBC Gem, Normal People, based on Sally Rooney's best-selling novel, is the enigmatic coming-of-age story of young love and heartbreak between two teenagers; Marianne (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and Connell (Paul Mescal) who belong to different socio-economic backgrounds and are complete opposites in the social hierarchy at school. The duo traverses through each others' lives from their school years in a small town in Ireland to their undergraduate years at Trinity College exploring the complicated world of intimacy.

The 12-part series was initially released in the UK and US in late April.

From The New York Times to comedian James Corden, the series has garnered a commendable list of fans.

Take a look below to see what the critics and stars have to say about Normal People.

"Moving and emotionally wrecking in the best way." - The New York Times

"It's a triumph in every way, from acting and direction to script, and if we see a better drama – certainly about adolescence, one which takes it seriously without treating it indulgently – this year, I'd be very surprised. It's a beautiful, hugely beautiful thing." - The Guardian

"Uncannily smart, sophisticated and seductively melancholy." - The Wall Street Journal

Premiering on CBC Gem on May 27th, Normal People, is based on Sally Rooney's best-selling novel. (CBC)

Dan Levy, actor and creator of award-winning CBC comedy series Schitt's Creek shared that he could watch Normal People over and over again. Now that's an obsession!


Among the many who expressed their request for a following season of the series; Kourtney Kardashian's tweet was the talk of Twitter town.


Comedian and late-night television host James Corden and Sarah Solemani had nothing short of extraordinary and exquisite thoughts about Normal People.



Celebrated Irish actor Chris O'Dowd can't stop his admiration for Normal People. He even recommended it to his friends and following in the US, hyping them up to stream the series!


In awe of the breakthrough performance delivered by the lead cast, Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal, Teen Wolf actor Colton Hayes gave a shout out to the talented duo on Twitter.


There were some who woke up the next day still thinking about the powerful story. Film producer Stacey Sher was amongst the 'obsessed much'.


Pretty Little Liars actor Ian Harding is obsessed with Normal People and isn't shy to admit it!


Stream the 12-part series of Normal People only on CBC Gem, starting May 27. Prepare to be obsessed!