Schitt's Creek, Anne with an E, Corrie and more tattoo tributes to CBC shows

A roundup of tattoo tributes by the truest of fans of CBC Gem shows like Schitt's Creek, Anne with an E, Coronation Street and more.

Some fans love their shows so much that they'll go to great lengths to declare that love. Permanently-marking-their-bodies-with-ink lengths. But who can blame them?! When you spend hours and hours diving deeper into these stories, you build next-level connections with its characters. And there's no going back — you can never unlove Game of Thrones or Schitt's Creek

We've rounded up a few tattoo tributes by the truest of fans of our shows. Yes, CBC Gem shows are that good and you can watch them for free, here.

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Schitt's Creek

Schitt's fans' go-to ink design inspiration seems to be none other than Moira. Plus a few roses and warmest regards.

...more Moira.

However, this fan's obsessed with the whole cast.

Definitely a unique but bold choice.

Alexis' classic "ew, David!" needs to have a tat. Oh, it already does!

So does David's.

And here's David saying it.


Warmest regards and roses became a thing and these are some pretty awesome renditions of it.

Coronation Street

You may be shocked to find out that, aside from being able to stream Corrie on CBC Gem, there are sooo many Corrie tattoos! Even from the cast who wanted to commemorate their years on the show. 

...and sometimes it's just a fan's reminder of the time Deidre was locked up.

Same one, different fan.

Then there's the combo, Corrie, Dr. Who and Betty Boop.

Hilda Ogden's got a huge fan.

But this one gets the fan of the decade award.

Anne with an E

It's no surprise that Anne fans have the most adorable tattoos.

Some unusual ones, too.

Republic of Doyle

This one was definitely unexpected.

One of the photo's shared on social media shows a devoted fan with a Republic of Doyle tattoo. (Instagram)


Of course, we couldn't ignore these tattoos of the beloved CBC 'Gem'.

Clayton Roberts of Sudbury had the CBC's "exploding pizza" logo tattooed on his forearm in memory of his grandfather. (Markus Schwabe)

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