Retail therapy according to the Baroness von Sketch Show

Did someone say shopping?!

Did someone say shopping?! Come rain, hail, snow, sunshine; it's always a good time to just browse through the displays, try on that trending not-so-attractive yet you-gotta-have-it romper and yes; swipe that credit card to know you'll be returning the impulse purchase within 48 hours.

Check out these series of sketches where the Baronesses take a spin on every shopper's paradise combined with reality!

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New Bra

Looking for the perfect fitting and pretty looking bra? Good luck with that!

Need a hand

It's always good to have an extra hand, especially when you aren't flexible enough to run up the zip at the back of that dress that is three times smaller your size! Yes they are lying when they say 'one size fits all'.

Rock store

When your shopping energy is not acceptable by some, gear up to be hit by a series of questions!

Plus size

Ever felt like you have had to settle for out-of this-world options just because you aren't a particular (fashionable) size? 


The perfect pair of jeans is just around the corner. Until then, take your pick from the Boyfriend Jeans, Slutty Cousin Jeans, Ex-Husband Jeans, and a special edition - the Sister Wives Skirt.


Have you ever found the perfect deal that gave you wings to disappear?