Race Against the Tide


Artists create eye-popping worlds out of sand on a Bay of Fundy beach

A swamp creature, baby dinosaurs, and a flying dragon home, Race Against the Tide competitors bring their A-game to CBC’s reality show.

They met as ice carvers in Quebec and joined forces to sculpt sand in Bay of Fundy

Both will compete against professional sand sculpting teams from around the world on Season 3 of Race Against the Tide

'It is a ridiculously short amount of time.' The world's best sand artists sculpt masterpieces in just 6 hours

New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy is home to the toughest sand sculpting competition in the world

Race Against the Tide returns to CBC: Here's what you need to know

12 of the world’s best sand sculpting duos return to the Bay of Fundy to sculpt extraordinary works of art in the ultimate outdoor tournament.

The world's most skilled sand sculptors to compete on Season 3 of Race Against the Tide

Race Against the Tide returns to Bay of Fundy for a brand new season on July 16. Watch on CBC and CBC Gem.

Race Against the Tide sculptor Guy-Olivier Deveau wants to make sandcastles a little more metal

The Quebec-based artist loves incorporating horror-themed imagery and working with ephemeral materials.

How to build a lighthouse from sand — a handy guide

Karen Fralich is a 3 time world champion sand sculpter and host of CBC’s Race Against the Tide. In this video, she shows you how to make your own sand sculpture.

Sand sculpting: Race Against the Tide's impermanent art form

In the world of sand sculpting, art is impermanent. These monumental structures are washed away by the sea. CBC Gem’s Race Against the Tide depicts the artists at work on this delicate art form.

'They're making monuments': Maestro Fresh Wes on Season 2 of Race Against the Tide

The Canadian rapper spoke with guest host Elamin Abdelmahmoud about his latest gig as the new host of CBC's Race Against the Tide, which pits the best sand sculptors in the world against each other.

'We both love to create.' How this B.C. duo became competitors on Race Against the Tide

Being an effective team is key to success in competitive sand sculpting. Peter and Alex have a history of working together and share what drives them as artists. Race Against the Tide S2 premieres Sunday, July 10, 8:30 p.m. (9 NT) .

Maestro Fresh Wes hosts Season 2 of Race Against the Tide

New Brunswick-based, award-winning Hip Hop artist Maestro Fresh Wes hosts the Season 2 of Race Against The Tide, coming to CBC this summer.



Race Against the Tide: ASMR, part 1

Listen to the calming sounds of sandcastles being built.


Expert tips to take your sand sculptures to the next level

Professional sand sculptors share their best tips and tricks.

Welcome to the addictive and high-stakes world of competitive sand sculpting

"As soon as I touched the sand and started carving it, I was just like, 'This is what I want to do,'" says Race Against the Tide judge Karen Fralich.



How it really feels to make extremely temporary art

Pro sand sculptors make enormous — and very temporary — works of art. So how does it feel to build art that can't last?



"You've gotta be a little off to carve sand at this level." Competitive sand sculpting attracts fun, eccentric artists.

"I think you've gotta be a little off to carve sand at this level." Competitive sand sculpting attracts some delightfully eccentric artists.



Unusual sand sculpting tools

Straws. Credit cards. Horse combs?? Here are some unconventional tools competitive sand sculptors use.

Watch Race Against the Tide on CBC Gem

Hosted by Shaun Majumder: world-class sculptors create works of art in New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy before the high tide from the Atlantic Ocean comes in and washes it away.