Murdoch Mysteries

Find time-travelling teen Macy Murdoch in a new episode of Murdoch Mysteries

Follow the clues and find 16-year-old Macy Murdoch in a new episode of Murdoch Mysteries.

She's hidden in the latest season of the long-running CBC series.

Shailyn Pierre-Dixon as Macy Murdoch leaning back in a chair in the early 1900-style Murdoch Mysteries set.
(Cole Burston)

Macy Murdoch is new series about a super smart and determined 16-year-old who just happens to be the great-great-great-granddaughter of famous police detective, William Murdoch. Yes, THAT William Murdoch, of Murdoch Mysteries fame. While researching her famous ancestor, she's transported back in time where she must solve a murder, undercover, in a time that isn't hers, and without the aid of modern technology.

Follow Macy's adventures as she and her friends travel back in time to 1910, where they'll have to use their smarts and teamwork to crack the case and catch the real culprit. 

We need your help!

Through the magic of time-travel, Macy Murdoch has found her way into the background of a Season 16 episode of Murdoch Mysteries. Can you find her? Follow the clues and begin your search today.

Here are the clues:

Macy Murdoch is now streaming on CBC Gem.