How to watch Raufikat's Better Bake Along

Don’t know how to bake? That’s OK, neither do they!

Don’t know how to bake? That’s OK, neither do they!

Raufikat's Better Bake Along – Trailer

5 months ago
Duration 1:29
Watch as champion baker Raufikat Oyawoye-Salami teaches comedians Ann Pornel and Alan Shane Lewis how to bake. Coming to CBC Gem March 25!

Premieres Friday, March 25 on CBC Gem.

Raufikat Oyawoye-Salami (Season 4 winner of The Great Canadian Baking Show) is a champion baker. Alan Shane Lewis and Ann Pornel are comedians who barely know torte from tart. But that's OK, because Raufikat is going to teach them how to bake in Raufikat's Better Bake Along, a hilarious step-by-step bake-along series coming to CBC Gem March 25. In each episode, Raufikat will bake a beautiful dessert, while Ann and Alan try their best to perfectly replicate Raufikat's dish. And when the flour settles, only one of them will have the Better Bake.

How can I watch?

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