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A new baby gets a warm welcome in frozen Grise Fiord

When a baby is born in a community of only 130 people, everybody comes out to meet the new addition the day the family returns from hospital.

Grise Fiord celebrates every new family addition

2 years ago
Duration 1:33
Grise Fiord only has 130 residents, so when a newborn comes home from the hospital, the entire community gathers to give her a warm welcome.

When you're part of a community of 130 people, news that you're about to grow to 131 is cause for celebration!

"It's a big thing for up here, in that anytime there is a new addition to the family, then everybody comes out." says Co-op manager, Frank Holland, as he drives to the airport to join the rest of Grise Fiord in greeting the new family returning from the hospital. 

Watch the video above to meet 4-day-old Caitlyn, the newest member of the northernmost civilian community in Canada, and enjoy the heartwarming scene of an entire community buzzing about the small airport to greet the family. 

Excited neighbours peek into a baby-carrier to look at a new addition to their tight-knit community. (CBC | High Arctic Haulers )

Grise Fiord is one of 11 remote Nunavut communities featured in CBC's new documentary series, High Arctic Haulers.