Megan Follows wins DGC award for her work on Heartland

Recently, Megan won the award for "Outstanding directorial achievement in family series" by the Directors Guild of Canada for her work on Heartland episode 1304, The Eye of the Storm.
Megan Follows directs Shaun Johnston and Lucian-River Mirage Chauhan in episode 1304 of Heartland (Heartland)

Today I want to share some amazing news with you about Heartland fan favourite cast member and Director, Megan Follows. As you know, Megan plays Ty Borden's mother Lily in the series and, as many of you also know, she occasionally works behind the camera in the Director's chair. Recently, she won the award for "Outstanding directorial achievement in family series" by the Directors Guild of Canada for her work on Heartland episode 1304, The Eye of the Storm.

Megan Follows, Amber Marshall and Shaun Johnston behind-the-scenes during the filming of Heartland episode 1304. (Heartland)

The Eye of the Storm centres around a hazardous windstorm that forces the family to make many extreme preparations to ride out the danger. This sets the stage for other 'storms' the family has to deal with including Jack revisiting memories of his sister, Ty dealing with the bad reviews that are having a serious effect on business, Georgie getting confronted by Lou and Peter about her life choices and Luke's concern for his horse.

So much story is revealed in this episode, including revelations about Heartland ranch itself, and it is definitely a whirlwind of emotions. This is a must-see so, if you haven't had a chance to watch it, you can stream it on CBC Gem for free. (Canada only.)

Megan Follows directs Shaun Johnston in Heartland episode 1304. (Heartland)

If you want to see a list of all of the winners from the 2020 DGC awards, take a look at the full list here. Earlier this year, Megan Follows also won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Direction: Children's or Youth for series Holly Hobbie. I sense a trend here...

If you want to see all of the episodes of Heartland Megan has directed, here's a list:

Here are some episodes Megan Follows has appeared in as Ty's mother, Lily:

And, I know you all love getting plenty of photos in the blog, so I didn't want to disappoint.  Here is a full gallery of high-res images from the episode. As a side note, let me know if you like this style of gallery or if you prefer the way I used to do them where the photos were all on the page together.  I want to hear from you!


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