Heartland shows off beautiful Alberta winters

Winter has arrived in Alberta and Heartland, well into production of Season 14, is ready.

Series production company Seven24 Films is ready to go in any weather

Part of the Heartland Ranch set from a previous season. (Heartland)

It's happened. Winter is here for Heartland and with snowy weather upon the production, things must be dealt with accordingly.  It's very cold and very exciting and the production is ready for it. 

What's this?  A hint of the snow on a recent Instagram post by Amber Marshall?

Winter weather doesn't mean you can't play outside, as the Spencer twins, who play Lyndy on the show, posted recently on their Instagram story. It's also in Heartland's #HLinProd story highlights if you happen to be looking for a recap.

(spencer_twins on instagram – instagram.com/spencer_twins)

Now, driven by the spirit of adventure and the need to seek out every last Heartland image that captures the spirit of the show and its production during the winter season, I've downloaded the entire archive of the Heartland blog, even the really old content that isn't easy to find anymore. And, after many hours scouring this digital attic for the best winter-themed images I could find, I've put together a little gallery of the ones I like best.  I hope you like them too.

So, here are my selected Throwback Thursday images featuring Heartland in the winter. I couldn't get through all of the images, but I think this is a nice sample for you to feast on for today.

      1 of 0

      That's all for now.  Be sure to check back in next week when I'll be scraping together the best photos of the cast mucking out the stalls in the barn (just kidding).  But I will have a new blog for you next week, as always. 


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