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Viewers' choice: popular moments on Family Feud Canada

Today, we take a look back at some of Canada's favourite, though sometimes awkward, moments from these last few months.

Canada: You had me at 'Chicken'

Gerry Dee asks the Voskakis family about exercising at a gym for nudists. (Family Feud Canada)

It's difficult for families to stay connected right now but, don't worry, we are here to bring families from all over Canada to you. Today, we take a look back at some of the fun, awkward, and most engaging moments on Family Feud Canada from the last few months.

Popeye's favourite food is… chicken?

We can't have a "best moments" list without looking back to the time when Eve Dubois made Family Feud Canada history early on in the season with her iconic response when she was asked to "Name Popeye's favourite food." 

"Chicken" came up a lot during the rest of the season online and even on new episode of the show.

Bonus: The blooper reel.

We'll never be royals… but we sure like talking about them

The Euverman family from Vancouver, British Columbia faced off against the Lawson family from Toronto and were tasked with coming up with things Prince Harry and Meaghan Markle talk about before bed. 

Not many risque answers came up but this was one of our top performing videos on Youtube this season. Is it really true the royals are just like the rest of us? 

You probably can't say sh*t

Giuliana from the Bevilacqua family (Montréal, QC) played a round of Fast Money and her bleeped out cuss word (plus Gerry Dee's comedic response) will be forever burned into one of our most popular video clips.

No more swearing

We know you love those gratuitous moments when contestants are led straight into spilling an unintended naughty or otherwise questionable answer. But everyone loves that we try to keep it clean. Like the time contestants were asked, "Name a word people use when they DON'T want to cuss. " 

Shucks.  All of these words are clean versions of the cuss words you know and love (or hate?). Check it out:

Nude exercise

You may not want to think about what it might look like getting all sweaty and gross, pushing your limits, lifting… while nude but, here at Family Feud Canada, we brought it up anyway. And, based on the number of video views, Canadians wanted to know.

Bonus: Did you say 'Candles'?

This innocent clip really hit the big time with the Family Feud Canada audience on Instagram with 1.3 million views to date.

While this didn't go viral on Facebook or Twitter, fans sure loved this clip about things people smell before they buy them, so it gets an honourable mention.

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