Family Feud

Here's how to apply to be on Family Feud Canada!

This is the season for your family to finally be on the Feud!

Here’s your chance to play one of TV’s most iconic game shows!

Apply for Family Feud Canada's virtual auditions

Welcome to the official Family Feud Canada application page! Have you been dreaming about seeing your family appear on the Feud? You've come to the right spot. We want Canadians from across the country to apply now for a virtual audition. 

Grab your family members with the quickest wits and spunkiest personalities for an unforgettable experience. Apply now through the link below. You must be over 18 years of age to apply, and for health safety reasons, no in-person auditions are happening until further notice.

CLICK HERE to apply now

Eligibility | Frequently Asked Questions


  • You must be a family of 5 who all reside permanently in Canada.

  • You must be a Canadian Citizen, permanent resident, or have permission to work within Canada. 

  • Contestants must be 18 years or older as of August 1, 2024.

  • You are not eligible if you are running for political office or have been on more than two (2) game shows in the last year.

  • If you or anyone on your team has appeared on any version of Family Feud before, it must be 10 years since the prior appearance to be eligible to play again.

  • You are not eligible if anyone on the team knows, or is related to anyone employed by FremantleMedia, Zone 3, Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC), any affiliate that carries Family Feud, Gerry Dee Productions, sponsors of Family Feud and/or of their respective parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies, licensees, or partners.


Is there a deadline for applications?

Not officially, but apply soon! Applications will remain open and producers will conduct virtual auditions.

How can I send my audition video?

Fill out the application above, follow the steps, and upload a video directly to your application. 

What should we do in our video?

The main goal here is for your family to stand out! Start off by introducing your family and have each family member introduce themselves. Tell us what hometown you're representing! Tell us what makes your family unique, why you're proud to represent your home town. What brings you together as a family? Any unique or quirky traditions? 

The important thing is to show us how energetic and enthusiastic you are. Do your best to show us why your family would be great on the Feud! Aim for 3-5 minutes in length.

Are there going to be auditions in my city?

No. Due to the current climate, we are unable to host in-person auditions across the country.  Producers are conducting interviews and group calls online!

What happens next?

If your application appeals to the program, producers will contact you to book a virtual audition with your family members.  

What happens for virtual auditions?

Families will gather via Zoom or phone, from their own homes. Producers will ask questions and play a mock game of Family Feud.

What are the producers looking for?

We are looking for families who have personality, energy, enthusiasm, a competitive spirit and an ability to play the game!

What can my family do to stand out?

Smile, clap, high-five, cheer for each other,and have FUN! Some families wear coordinating outfits or matching t-shirts. Show off any special talents you may have and tell us a story about your family! 

How many families are chosen for auditions?

We do not have a quota or set amount of families that we will choose. We are looking for as many fun families as possible!

If/After I audition... then what??

Family Feud Canada will hopefully begin taping shows in Toronto in September. If you are chosen from the local auditions, producers will contact you and work with your family for the next steps in preparing for the program.

How can we reach you?

You can email us at