Family Feud Canada

Family Feud Canada's biggest winners share their secrets

Anytime you see someone take home a big prize on a game show, you probably think you could do it too. But what does it actually take to win? We asked the biggest winners from Season 1 and 2 (so far) of Family Feud Canada to spill on the strategies they think made the difference.

We asked these Canadian families to spill the strategies they think helped them win.

Jess, Dave, Wendy and Andrew of the Fleet family cheer on as they wait for Rob to win the Fast Money round on Family Feud Canada. (CBC)

Anytime you see someone take home a big prize on a game show, you probably think you could do it too. But what does it actually take to win? We asked the biggest winners from Season 1 and 2 (so far) of Family Feud Canada to spill on the strategies they think made the difference. Because what's better than waiting for your most zany family member to blurt out a jaw-dropping answer on national television? Winning cold hard cash with them!

For two seasons, thousands of families across the country have applied to be on Family Feud Canada but only a handful have successfully made it through to play the Feud. From the "chicken" moment to "dead person," these families have entertained our nation every night while trying to reach the high-stakes Fast Money round and win it all. While every family is a winner in our hearts, just a few take home the $10,000 Fast Money prize.

And while coming up with good answers on the spot is surprisingly difficult, winning the game and Fast Money can be done! Here's how our most successful families think they did it.

Fleet family: Train your brain for quick responses

Home: Fredericton, N.B.
Total winnings: $40,000

This Fredericton family was in it to win it. They won all three of their Fast Money rounds plus an extra $10,000 from their prime time win — making them the most successful family on Family Feud Canada

Leading up to their appearance, the Fleet family put in a ton of practice and developed a method to "train their brains for quick responses," said team captain Rob. They also built their team's lineup with a purpose for each spot. Rob and Jess focused their practice on answering Fast Money-type questions by typing out two answers under a time constraint. "[It] helped us train our brains to think and deliver answers in a fast, but well-thought out way, rather than feeling flustered due to the clock ticking down and throwing out random answers," said Rob. "It helped us analyze the questions and provide quality answers and secondary ones when needed." 

Dave was positioned at the end of the lineup for any sudden death face offs — a position where hitting the buzzer first and coming up with the number one answer is key. The middle team members, Andrew and Wendy, knew they had to focus their practice on questions that would have multiple answers for the main game. 

Sachdev family: Pick the family members that work best under pressure

Home: Toronto, Ont.
Total winnings: $30,000

Our second most-successful family almost didn't make it onto the Feud! The Sachdevs were called in to play after another family couldn't make it. "We felt privileged just to have been selected and not once thought to waste the experience focusing on winning or the prize at the end but rather to just enjoy our time and have another great memory to be able to share together," said team captain Shretan.

The secret to their success isn't really a secret at all, he said. As mentioned on the show, the Sachdevs come from a big family who are very close and supportive of each other. And while they can't read each other's minds, the cousins know their strengths. That's why Tejal and Jigna played Fast Money. "I knew that they were the best under pressure — smart and quick," said Shretan. "They always have been since we were kids."

Nash family: Practice, practice, practice!

Home: Eckville, Alta.
Total winnings: $20,990

Practice has proven to make perfect for the Nash family — that and a little tough love! Team captain Amanda attributes many years of playing Family Feud at family get-togethers to their winnings. The Nash family had the DVD version of the game, but played it so much that they wore it out and had to buy another copy! From pre-game pep talks to the occasional roasting, they were ready to take the pressure of being on the Family Feud Canada stage.

And as a competitive family, competing with each other was the best part of coming on the show for them.

McGeough family: Put your calm, quick thinkers in the middle

Home: Regina, Sask.
Total winnings: $20,975

You may be surprised to hear this, but "beaver" was not the McGeough's secret sauce. (Watch Brittany's hilarious answer here.) Just like the Fleet family, the McGeoughs also strategically placed their members in the lineup. "Sometimes your weakest player has to go first, just so the rest of the team can save their tushes when the time comes," said team captain Brittany. "Put your calm, quick thinkers in the middle. They are your bulk. You want to build the best batting order you can to get those homers. [And] never underestimate your fifth player. They will save you in sudden death." 

The next tip: think like a Canadian. "Don't flex your Harvard degree too hard. The game isn't about the most intelligent answer (hence my beaver answer)," said Brittany. "It is based on what all Canadians are thinking. Embrace your patriotism!"

Finally, if your team makes it to Fast Money, the McGeoughs suggest picking a pair of like thinkers from different generations.

Hernandez family: Visualize the win

Home: Yellowknife, N.W.T.
Total winnings: $20,915

The Hernandez family must be a team of psychics because they envisioned themselves winning even before playing! 

Their key goal was to go out and have fun — which was easy for this entertaining family. They weren't afraid to show off their personalities to the whole country. "Being from Yellowknife, we are constantly trying to put our city on the map and show everyone that it doesn't matter what part of the country you are from," said team captain Godson. "We believed. That's the Hernandez recipe for success!"

Shah family: Practice, have fun and stay relaxed

Home: London, Ont.
Total winnings: $20,875

Learning from the best, the Shahs reached out to the Fleet family for some tips before their game. And look, it paid off! The Fleets suggested practicing, and that's what the Shahs did. Practicing (even with some old fashioned drinks in their case) seems to be a must if you want to win.

Team captain Anita also said her family focused on staying relaxed and having fun to help them win their three games of Family Feud Canada.

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