Canada's Ultimate Challenge

Epic showdown: two swimmers face off and spark an intense rivalry on Canada's Ultimate Challenge

Representing Team Black, Bradley Farquar, who once swam the English Channel — an impressive 42km! — was confident that he would take first place in the challenge. Team Teal rival Dustin Seidler was just as hungry for the win.

Bradley Farquar, who had swum the English Channel, was confident he would win.

Both Bradley and Dustin, wearing black suits, look to the side.
Bradley Farquar, Dustin Siedler at Thousand Islands (Insight Productions/CBC)

This was Dustin Seidler's moment. "I love to swim," says Dustin, who worked as a lifeguard during his youth. "This is something that I have trained my whole life for." 

This was the first and only swim challenge of the competition. Set at the Thousand Island Boat Museum, players raced 110 meters out in the open waters of the St. Lawrence River to an anchored tall ship. They then had to climb a rope net onto the deck, raise their team's flag and swim 110 meters back to the dock. 

But there was one obstacle. Team Black had chosen Bradley Farquar to compete against him.  "I'm feeling as cocky as hell. I've never lost a swimming race in my life and today is not going to be the day," said Bradley, who had swum the English channel. "I swam 42 kilometres from England to France. I can swim 200 metres."

"I think it's really cool that he swam the English channel, but that's a long game and this is a short game," said Dustin, whose nickname is Turbo, "I have to go 110% all the time. I know that I can beat him."

The swimmers hit the water — without goggles.

Watch the action.

The race between Dustin and Bradley intensified. And then it happened. Dustin, who was faster, swam directly into Bradley. "It made me realize where I was with him," remembers Dustin, "it made me have a moment to focus my technique and my breath work."

"He never had a chance." When it was over, Dustin took the win but sparked a rivalry between Team Teal and Team Black. 

Coach Luke raises his arm in frustration, Dustin and Bradley swimming side by side
Coach Luke Willson reacts as Bradley and Dustin collide in the water/Dustin and Bradley swim side by side (Insight Productions/CBC)

"That is when the target on our backs started," said Dustin after Team Teal swept all the challenges in Round 6, "other people were 'we've got to go after them because if we don't get them, they're taking it.' It was going to come down to a battle at some point."

"I'm pissed," said Bradley, frustrated over his second-place finish. "Good job to Dustin but he's in my crosshairs, definitely going to come for him."

Team Teal and Team Black continue to battle for the top spot on the leaderboard — and the stage is set for another Dustin vs. Bradley face-off. 

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