Battle of the Blades

Battle of the Blades competitors take a skate down memory lane

'I remember riding on my uncle's shoulders, and feeling the wind in my face and I was addicted instantly to this feeling. That's my earliest memory. Soaring.'

What were your childhood rink memories?

Favourite Childhood Skating Memories

3 years ago
Duration 3:11
From early morning practices to the smell of cow dung, the Battle of the Blades competitors share their favourite childhood skating memories.

As we come closer to the end of Battle of the Blades, we sat down with our beloved competitors and talked about their earliest memories as figure skaters and hockey players. They shared their most personal stories and childhood rituals that helped them become the athletes they are today. 

All contestants have learned so much from this experience. From brisk early morning practices in their youth to sacrificed weekends and countless amounts of sharpened skates, these rink addicts have dedicated themselves to their craft, and we can see the hard work has paid off immensely. 

The skaters have pushed their boundaries and have learned so much in the past few weeks of competition about themselves and about a sport they may have never had the opportunity to explore or understand. 

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