Kids keep writing letters to the animals and staff of Arctic Vets and we can't get enough of the cuteness

The kids are alright, and they really care about Arctic creatures.

What I learned taking care of polar bears and seals for 6 years

Caring for animals made Jackie Enberg a better mom, among other things.

'Working with burrowing owls is really important work': helping a struggling burrowing owl family

Arctic vets to the rescue when they find a struggling burrowing owl family on the Prairie.
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Dr. Chris works to cure a bumblefoot infection in a wild trumpeter swan. Intern vet Dr. Whitney treats deep scratches on Emile the seal, and Dr. Charlene rescues three injured burrowing owls.

'You can see the icicle in the vaccine': vaccinating a nervous elk in freezing temps requires lots of patience

Training is the name of the game when it comes to vaccinating elk.
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Onyx, a rescued wolf, has a mass on her mammary gland, and Dr. Chris and the team must rush to remove it. Dr. Stephen and C-Jae take “mug shots” of the Conservancy’s nine rescued polar bears.

"The bears mourn[ed] too." How Blizzard the polar bear was honoured after his death

The humans — and bears — of Assiniboine Park Conservancy say goodbye to a beloved polar bear.
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After a young polar bear dies, animal care specialists Jackie and Heather head to Churchill with his ashes to honour his legacy.

Pure chaos: giving a reindeer a hoof trim is exhausting for all involved

‘As you let your guard down, the reindeer can spur up and take you for a ride.’
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It's intern vet Whitney's busiest day yet.

These polar bears really poop glitter — but it's all in the name of science

‘We can learn a lot from a polar bear's poo.’
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Dr. Chris rushes to aid in the rescue and release of a great horned owl.

Getting a seal to sit still for an X-ray is about as hard as you would expect

And what is “galumphing” anyway?
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Jackie and Heather struggle to X-ray an uncooperative harbour seal with a nasty cough.

Rescue, rehabilitation & release: how injured and sick Arctic animals get a second chance at life

The Assiniboine Park Conservancy gives struggling Arctic animals a second chance at life — whether that’s in captivity or back in nature after rehabilitation.

Polar bear dental care: animal care professionals show us how it's done

And you thought brushing your dog’s teeth was hard?
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New intern vet Dr. Whitney Johnson operates on a rescued peregrine falcon with an injured beak.

Yoga with polar bears? These best friends & Arctic animal care specialists might have the best job ever

But these tricks aren't for human amusement. Instead, they keep bears sharp and engaged
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Former movie wolf Gambit isn't eating, and the vet team makes an alarming discovery.

Arctic animals get top-notch care at this world-renowned animal hospital

What happens when Arctic animals need to see a vet? Often, they’re transported to this Winnipeg animal hospital.

How do you give an 800-lb. muskox a manicure? Very carefully

Why clipping a muskox’s hooves is the most dangerous thing these vets do
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Dr. Chris heads to Churchill, Man. for the rescue and release of a wild adult polar bear.

How to watch Arctic Vets

Arctic Vets follows a team of animal experts that dedicate their lives to rescue, protect and heal these animals when they are most in need.

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