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5 shows to binge for Asian Heritage Month

Stream them for free on CBC Gem.

Stream them for free on CBC Gem.

From L to R: The 410; Kim's Convenience; The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan.

May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada and CBC Gem has a lot of binge-worthy shows.

Here's our list of favourites you can stream right now for free!

Kim's Convenience

Stream Kim's Convenience now on CBC Gem.

The Kim's are a Korean-Canadian family that run a small convenience store in Toronto's east end (it's actually a real store).

The two parents, lovingly referred to as Umma and Appa, manage the store with occasional help from their children Jung and Janet. Umma and Appa are adorable — and super traditional. Jung and Janet challenge their values while leading the typical Canadian millennial life — juggling work, school and troubles with their roommates.

The convenience store has a revolving supporting cast of hilarious locals who constantly drop by to buy things... or to get on Appa's nerves.

Best moments? Jung messing with his roommate's sneaker collection or when Appa shows off his Hapkido moves in the middle of the convenience store.

The 410

Stream The 410 now on CBC Gem.

Named after the highway that connects the city of Brampton to the Greater Toronto Area, The 410 follows the life of Suri, an Instagram influencer living in Toronto. She's abruptly called back to Brampton when her truck driver dad lands in jail for drug trafficking.

To save her father from jail, Suri turns to selling drugs to get his bail money. Just when the going gets good, her plan spirals out of control and she has to turn to the most unlikely of places to find help.

Best part? Watching Suri cut cocaine like she's a regular Tony Montana in the second episode. The 410 is an easy weeknight binge — the whole series is formatted into three tight-paced episodes.

The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan

Stream The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan now on CBC Gem.

In this travel-documentary, comedian Romesh Ranganathan explores parts of the world you only hear about in the news. He ventures off to countries like Haiti, Ethiopia and Albania to challenge his preconceived notions. With his dry wit, he manages to find the good in the bad — and the bad in the good — in every place he visits.

In the first episode, Romesh takes off for Haiti. He goes "grocery shopping" at the Iron Market for a voodoo ceremony, freestyle raps with a local Rabòday music artist and visits the site of the iconic Port-au-Prince cathedral that was destroyed by the devastating earthquake in 2010.

You gotta see it to believe it: watch Romesh undergo a voodoo ceremony in the first episode. Yes, there is a chicken involved. And no — it doesn't go the way you think it does.

Ronny Chieng: International Student

Stream Ronny Chieng: International Student now on CBC Gem.

Stand-up comedian Ronny Chieng plays an international student from Malaysia studying at a law school in Australia — something that Chieng knows about from his real-life experience studying law in Melbourne.

Ronny tries his best to impress his overprotective mom with good grades while getting mixed up with the rowdy party culture on campus. His law professor's antics border on insanity and there's a party-loving American exchange student trying to make his life a living hell.

Need a good laugh? Watch the pilot episode — Ronny and a group of international students train for a drinking competition against a team frat boys to win a coveted textbook they need to complete their first assignment.

Nadiya's Asian Odyssey

Stream Nadiya's Asian Odyssey now on CBC Gem.

If you're a regular watcher of the Great British Baking Show, you may remember the 2016 winner Nadiya Hussain. The British author and chef sets off for Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal in this travel-doc meets cooking-show series.

After discovering that her ancestral roots extend beyond Bangladesh, Nadiya explores her diasporic identity through her love of cooking. She learns about local cuisine and adds her own twist to these authentic dishes.

Your stomach will grumble watching these meals get cooked. But prepare yourself for the insect restaurant in Thailand where chefs prepare fine-dining cuisine using — you guessed it — bugs.