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30 memorable episodes of Schitt's Creek

CBC Gem has selected some of the most memorable episodes of the comedy series.

CBC Gem has selected some of the most memorable episodes of the comedy series.

Schitt's Creek became an international darling, earning the show accolades across the globe and Emmy nominations and it all started right here on the CBC. With six seasons now officially wrapped, CBC Gem has selected 30 of the most memorable episodes of Schitt's Creek

Season One

(Schitt's Creek, Episode 101)
  1. The Cup Runneth Over (101)
    It's the classic tale of riches to rags as we meet the Roses, flamboyant fishes out of water, as they find themselves now living in Schitt's Creek, their only asset.

  2. Don't Worry, It's His Sister (103)
    As the Roses adapt to their new surroundings, odd small town quirks and employment befuddle them.

  3. Wine and Roses (106)
    Here we get to witness how the mighty Moira has fallen from the glamorous graces of soap opera fame to a local wine commercial.

  4. Allez Vous (108)
    This episode has the original "Ew, David!"

  5. Town For Sale (113)
    It's what the Roses always wanted since moving to Schitt's Creek so obviously things work out just fine

    Season Two

    (Schitt's Creek, Episode 201)
  6. Finding David (201)
    With Moira's bag missing and Alexis possibly engaged, the Roses adjust to life after the town sale falls through… oh yeah, and David's been missing.

  7. Family Dinner (202)
    You will never not know how to fold in the cheese after this.

  8. Moira's Nudes (209)
    Nothing kills a political campaign faster than a scandal featuring compromising photos!

  9. Happy Anniversary (213)
    "It's called Schitt's Creek. And it's where we live." [mic drop]

    Season Three

    (Schitt's Creek, Episode 301)
  10. Opening Night (301)
    Johnny's business is trying to take off, Moira's political career is just beginning and David finds himself in a complicated romantic situation involving Stevie and Jake's abs.

  11. The Throuple (302)
    The three-way relationship between David, Stevie and Jake starts to hit some bumps in the road.

  12. General Store (307)
    David sets his sights on a new business venture — little did he know how much his life was about to change!

  13. Friends & Family (312)
    The return of the giant family portrait! Oh, how the Roses have changed!

  14. Grad Night (313)
    "Baby, I'm yours [baby, I'm yours]. And I'll be yours until the stars fall from the sky.

    Season Four

    (Schitt's Creek, Episode 401)
  15. Dead Guy in Room 4 (401)
    Things are starting to look serious for David and Patrick. Unrelated, there's a dead guy in room four!

  16. Pregnancy Test (402)
    A lot of changes for Alexis… and possibly too much for the family to handle.

  17. Open Mic (406)
    This episode might just simply be The Best.

  18. The Olive Branch (409)
    What better way to follow up Patrick's rendition of The Best than with David's own take on it?

  19. Singles Week (412)
    It's sort of the perfect rom-com ending we've been waiting for.

    Season Five

    (Schitt's Creek, Episode 501)
  20. The Crowening (501)
    Moira is off in Bosnia filming a career reviver! 

  21. Housewarming (505)
    Ted lets loose at Patrick's housewarming party… maybe a little too loose.

  22. The Hospies (508)
    And thus the world was introduced to A Little Bit Alexis.

  23. Meet the Parents (511)
    Patrick finds the strength to come out to his parents in a special episode that many fans were very moved by and inspired.

  24. The Hike (513)
    David and Patrick have come a long way… now it's just a little hike and a piggyback ride away from the next step.

  25. Life's a Cabaret (514)
    The season-long arc of the town's production of Cabaret finally hits the stage with Stevie owning the limelight.

    Season Six

    (Schitt's Creek, Episode 601)
  26. Smoke Signals (601)
    It's about time we saw the elusive titular creek!

  27. The Presidential Suite (608)

  28. Sunrise, Sunset (610)
    The wonderful Victor Garber guest stars as Moira's former Sunrise Bay co-star.

  29. Start Spreading the News (613)
    All the pieces are put into place as we ready for the final episode.

  30. Happy Ending (614)
    It's the episode we've been both waiting for and dreading.