Week of June 10: Raptors, Murdoch and Schitt's Creek

CBC Television highlights for the week of June 10.
(Raptors Image: Flora Pan/CBC)


We know that 99.9% of you are paying attention to the pivotal Raptors game happening tonight. The Toronto Raptors could make history with a win over Golden State and take home the NBA Championship, which would be a first for the franchise (and a Canadian team). That all starts at 9pm.

That said, there are several hours leading up to the game and it just so happens that there is a Murdoch Mysteries triple-bill beginning at 7pm.  If sports aren't your thing, you can continue hanging out with William Murdoch and friends for the 3rd episode in the three-peat at 9pm.

Who lives? Who dies? The wait is almost over. Murdoch Mysteries returns Monday September 25th on CBC 0:30



CBC has a history of broadcasting Comedy on Tuesday nights, and even though there are no new episodes of any comedy series happening right now, there are plenty of laughs to be had. The Roses are waiting for you on Tuesday night with four episodes of Schitt's Creek from 7-9pm.  And if that's not enough funny for you, keep watching to catch the Winnipeg Comedy Festival at 9pm.


You will get a bit of a breather from all of the laughs on Wednesday with The Nature of Things followed by the Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. Learn about Gorilla doctors from your favourite documentary host and then grab some chips and dip and watch Boston and St. Louis battle it out to see will hoist the Stanley Cup, starting at 8pm.

Your second dose of comedy comes on Thursday with the first ever episode of Kim's Convenience.  See how the adventures of Appa, Umma, Jung, Janet, Kimchee and friends began in this throwback to the start of the series. Introduce a friend to the show and make a new "Kimbit". Ok see you!


If you're a night owl and like to watch TV in the wee hours, there's always Canadian Reflections.  This showcase of Canadian short film always brings new ideas to the table and doesn't take two and a half hours to watch.  This week, there are two films in the showcase. The first, Consume, is based on true events and focuses on residential school survivor Jacob Wematim as he struggles with keeping a connection to his indigenous history. The second is Shelly Niro, a documentary about an artist who challenges the representation of Indigenous women in Canadian culture. That's on Thursday at 11:30pm.

Can't wait until Thursday?  Stream them both now on CBC Gem!