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13 things you may have missed in the Schitt's Creek finale

Only eagle-eyed fans can spot some of these callbacks.

Only eagle-eyed fans can spot some of these callbacks.

The series finale of Schitt's Creek provides plenty of nods to the fans who have been with them ever since the Roses first unloaded their luggage in front of the motel. Some of these nods are obvious and some of them might require a keen eye.

  • You can see David's engagement rings on the bedside table.

    (Schitt's Creek, Episode 614)

  • David's love for pizza re-emerges as his hopes for woodfire pizza at his wedding are dashed.

  • Stevie shutting down Jocelyn's suggestion to use the decorations from the baby sprinkle was a good call since David was adamant about how much he detested them.

  • Ronnie's continued dislike for Patrick is on display when she says she's helping with the wedding for David. Softball wounds are hard to heal.

  • "I guess we can use the garage for parking but we just have to leave a space clear in case Gwen comes back." This has been a hapless wish of Bob's ever since Gwen left him. Looks like she came back after all!

    (Schitt's Creek, Episode 614)

  • While this piece of set dressing has been sitting there for three seasons, we get a nice clear shot of the framed receipt that Patrick gave to David as a birthday present in "Grad Night."

    (Schitt's Creek, Episode 614)

  • A defining moment in the series that marked when the Roses embraced their new home could be summed up in this scene from the season two finale where the family danced to James Morrison's Precious Love.

    How fitting that the song the Jazzagals sing to open the wedding is their own version of it.

  • And when David walks down the aisle, the choir is singing The Best. This is a callback to Patrick's own serenade to David during the episode "Open Mic."

  • It's no surprise that Patrick's parents would be at his wedding but it's a nice touch to see his father stand in as his best man.

    (Schitt's Creek, Episode 614)

  • "Our lives are like little bébé crows," Moira states during the ceremony which can be a reference to her Interflix film, The Crowening.

  • Patrick tells David, "I would climb a thousand mountains for you," which is basically what he had to do to propose to David in the episode "The Hike."

  • With music clearly playing a big role in their lives, Patrick also borrows from iconic pop diva Mariah Carey quoting her song Always Be My Baby in his vows. This harkens back to when Patrick first told David that he loved him and said, "You're my Mariah Carey."

  • When Johnny was still trying to sell Schitt's Creek back in season one, he fought to get the welcome sign updated. As they drive out of the town, Johnny looks back one last time to see Roland's final gift for the Roses: an updated welcome sign.

    (Schitt's Creek, Episode 103)

    (Schitt's Creek, Episode 614)

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