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Snow Leopard brings subtle improvements to Mac

By John Bowman, CBCNews.ca. Apple's latest version of the Mac OS X operating system, code-named "Snow Leopard," was released today and the online reaction has been, well, staid.

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When free no longer is

By Paul Jay, CBCNews.ca. As a freelance writer a few years back, there was many a day I would head over to the coffee shop or local restaurant during the weekday dead period, plunk down a pen and pad or a computer and get to work. Not everyone is iinto buying things when using Wi-Fi, however, and according to the Wall Street Journal, some restaurants in New York are fighting back.

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Another reason to worry about nuclear attacks

By Emily Chung, CBCNews.ca. Nuclear weapons can flatten cities and fry their inhabitants. Even if you survive, you could still fall victim to radiation sickness or cancer. But that's not all, warns EMPACT America.

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What Big Brother can do to your e-books

By Emily Chung, CBCNews.ca. Be warned -- e-books are not like their paper counterparts. The company that sold them to you can make them disappear from your collection at any time without warning. You may have paid for them, but you do not own them.

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Apple touchscreen tablet coming?

By John Bowman, CBCNews.ca

Another day, another rumour of an Apple tablet computer.

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Internet emerges from Jackson memorial relatively unscathed

By Pras Rajagopalan, CBCNews.ca. So it appears all the breathless huffing and puffing about how Michael Jackson's memorial service Tuesday afternoon would "break the internet" was rather overblown.

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Netbooks being sold for virtually nothing

By Pras Rajagopalan, CBCNews.ca. Netbooks, the low-cost, low-maintenance, pared-down alternative to laptops, have just gotten a whole lot cheaper.

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Patent applications offer hint of what Apple has in store

By Peter Evans, CBCNews.ca

The Twitterverse is all, er, a-twitter, at the possibilities hinted at by a slew of patent applications that Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple Inc. has filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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Google making waves with new communication tool

By John Bowman, CBCNews.ca

What would communication on the internet look like if you threw away what we currently have and started from scratch? That's the question Google is trying to answer with an upcoming service called Google Wave. And the answer looks very interesting.

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Flip Video: Can it help turn the tech industry on its ear?

By Ian Johnson, CBCnews.ca.

Pocket video camera maker Pure Digital Technologies launched its latest Flip MinoHD and UltraHD models in Canada today, cameras the size of a chocolate bar that will shoot one to two hours (respectively) of 720p high-definition video. To me it's not the hardware that's the most interesting story here, though – it's how this small company out of San Francisco has been building and marketing consumer electronics.

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