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Stupid criminal... is breaking into a house

By Peter Nowak, CBCNews.ca. There's harmless Facebook addiction, then there's stupid Facebook addiction. A criminal who broke into a Pennsylvania West Virginia home and was caught because he stopped to check his Facebook account, and forgot to log out, is a shining example of the latter.

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Woman fired for ALL CAPS in email

By John Bowman, CBCNews.ca. An accountant in Auckland, New Zealand has been awarded $12,800 Cdn for unfair dismissal. The offense that got her fired? Writing an email using red, blue, bold and all-capital letters.

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2nd zombie paper rises from dead

By Paul Jay, CBCNews.ca. A group of University of Ottawa researchers who wrote about an outbreak of zombie-ism earned the unique distinction of publishing the first paper modelling a fictional disease. But as it turns out, they aren't the only Canadian mathematicians to consider "the zombie problem."

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Jesse Brown: Anti-gay ad inspires pro-hilarity remixes (and YouTube cowardice)

By Jesse Brown, CBC technology columnist:

The latest YouTube remix sensation has nothing to do with Christian Bale, little boys high on laughing gas or sensitive country musicians. It has to do with an anti-same-sex marriage ad produced by a group called the National Organization for Marriage.

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An expert takes on procrastination …

By Dan Westell, CBCNews.ca

We note with muted amazement that University of Calgary prof Piers Steel is publishing a book. Soon, his agent's website asserts.

Steel is a proud procrastinator, so the publication of The Procrastination Equation: The Science of Getting Things Done will be a personal victory.

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Obama, McCain and chicken

By Peter Nowak, CBCNews.ca

With the U.S. election finally coming to a head today, it's going to be really difficult for anyone besides Barack Obama or John McCain to get any sort of media attention today. That is, unless you're selling chicken.

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Stealing sunshine

by Paul Jay, CBCNews.ca

Our northern latitude and heavy snowfall make solar power a less enticing energy prospect in Canada than in, say, sunny California. But as we've reported earlier this year, solar power projects are, if you'll allow the mixing of energy metaphors, gaining steam in Canada.

It turns out, however, there is a (very) hidden cost to solar panels people don't often consider: theft.

According to a New York Times report, solar panels have been the target of a rash of thefts in sunny California and to a lesser extent in other states.

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Bigfoot and the underpants gnomes

By Peter Nowak, CBCNews.ca

The latest Bigfoot hoax raises several interesting questions. As a few readers have pointed out, this latest scam received quite a bit of mainstream media attention, whereas a few years ago it would have been fodder for tabloids such as the National Enquirer. The question, then, is why? Why did the mainstream media, ourselves included, give this story the time of day?

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Bigfoot, ???, profit

By Peter Nowak, CBCNews.ca

Tomorrow is a big day: We finally get to see honest-to-gosh proof that Bigfoot exists. It seems the body of the 7-foot-7 hairy creature has finally been found in north Georgia (the state, not the former Soviet republic) by three men, who are promising to unveil photos and DNA evidence on Friday. There's one catch though: they apparently won't be showing off the body.

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Tech eats into vacation time: Poll

CBC Staff

Oh what busy beavers we are. At least the cutting edge types who respond to online surveys.

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