Street view sight-seeing comes to Canada

By John Bowman, CBCNews.ca.

Google Street View has been live in certain Canadian cities for just over a day, and people have been busily combing the virtual streets looking for interesting sights capture by Google's camera cars.

Both BlogTO and Torontoist have collections of strange and interesting Street View captures from around Toronto.

Canadian entries make up many of most recent posts on Google Street View Gallery, a site where you can submit and vote on Street View sightings, like this fender-bender in Richmond, B.C.

Google Sightseeing has a post featuring some Canadian landmarks, such as Montreal's Olympic Stadium and the CN Tower, and more on its Twitter feed, including this one of the Calgary Tower.

Some people are pointing out errors in Google's information, such as l'avenue du Parc in Montreal being translated "Park Avenue," even though Google Maps leaves the original French intact. Other errors show problems with Google stitching together images from their camera cars.

One Street View "game" involves finding glitches in Google's face-blurring algorithm, like blurred out hubcaps, or faces on statues and billboards, like this Walmart ad in Toronto.

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