Sony adds pizza-ordering button to PS3

By John Bowman, CBCNews.ca. Sony is offering PlayStation 3 users quick access to Papa John's online pizza ordering website, but the effort pales in comparison to previous pizza-ordering apps in Everquest II and on TiVo.

The default home page on the PlayStation's web browser now has a link to Papa John's, but other than a few PS3-targeted ads, it's just the pizzeria's regular site. There doesn't appear to be any optimization for navigating using a game controller rather than keyboard-and-mouse. You could just as easily point the PS3's browser to the website of any pizza place.

Sony previously brought pizza ordering into the gaming world in 2005 with the /pizza command in Everquest II, which launched a pizza ordering menu right inside the game. The promotion with Pizza Hut has since ended, but it drew enough attention that rival game World of Warcraft announced its command to order Chinese food within the game... on April Fools' Day.

And TiVo allows its customers to order Domino's pizza — and track the progress of the pizza delivery — all within the TiVo's poppy, bubbly interface.

But really, is it that hard to put down the controller for a few minutes to pick up a phone?