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A map of broadband

By Paul Jay, CBCNews.ca. About four years ago, when I was visiting my soon-to-be-wife at her home in the village of Wakefield, Quebec, I used to try to get some work done on the side using her internet connection. And boy it was slow -- painfully slow compared to what I was used to in Toronto. Now, thanks to a new government page, I can see why.

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Another reason to worry about nuclear attacks

By Emily Chung, CBCNews.ca. Nuclear weapons can flatten cities and fry their inhabitants. Even if you survive, you could still fall victim to radiation sickness or cancer. But that's not all, warns EMPACT America.

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Facebook and the latest photo flap

By Paul Jay, CBCNews.ca. If you are on Facebook, you've likely caught wind of the latest privacy concern involving the online social network: that Facebook has changed its policy to allow advertisers to use your photo without your permission to hawk their wares. Alas, Facebook says this latest rumour isn't true.

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Waiting for Wireless-N

By Paul Jay, CBCNews.ca. Stop us if you've heard this before, but word from the organizing body in charge of wireless standards suggests the latest in Wi-Fi technology, dubbed Wireless-N, is set to be approved in September.

What's that you say? You have been using a wireless-n router on your laptop since 2006? Well, yes and no.

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Pirate Bay's legacy

By Paul Jay, CBCNews.ca. There are conflicting reports from the Netherlands this week over the future ownership of The Pirate Bay website, which gained a reputation as a hub for illegal file-sharing until four men connected to it were convicted in a Swedish court earlier this year. But the bottom line remains the same: for file-sharers, the party is over...or at least has moved to some other kid's house.

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What Big Brother can do to your e-books

By Emily Chung, CBCNews.ca. Be warned -- e-books are not like their paper counterparts. The company that sold them to you can make them disappear from your collection at any time without warning. You may have paid for them, but you do not own them.

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Twitter came 40 years too late for Apollo 11

By John Bowman, CBCNews.ca

Of course you can follow current NASA missions on Twitter but why stop there? The science journal Nature is tweeting the events of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon in real time, plus 40 years.

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Amber Alerts — fake and real — spread on Twitter

By John Bowman, CBCNews.ca

Yesterday, two different Amber Alerts made it to Twitter's tending topics. One was fake; one was real. Can you tell the difference?

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Apple touchscreen tablet coming?

By John Bowman, CBCNews.ca

Another day, another rumour of an Apple tablet computer.

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Is this you? In search of a little girl with modest moon ambitions

By Tara Kimura, CBCNews.ca

"Would you like to go to the moon?" CBC reporter Walt Lacosta asks a young girl in a charming 1969 interview.

"Yes," she responds without hesitation.

When questioned if she thinks she'll ever make it there, the young girl smiles and responds with a simple "no."

"Why not?" Lacosta asks.

"Because I'm not a boy," she says shyly but definitively.

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Did a charity fundraiser get throttled?

By Emily Chung, CBCNews.ca. Filmmaker Brad Fox told the CRTC Wednesday that he believes an online fundraiser for the Toronto Sick Kids' Hospital may have been throttled by Bell because it looked in some ways like peer-to-peer traffic.

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Internet emerges from Jackson memorial relatively unscathed

By Pras Rajagopalan, CBCNews.ca. So it appears all the breathless huffing and puffing about how Michael Jackson's memorial service Tuesday afternoon would "break the internet" was rather overblown.

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Netbooks being sold for virtually nothing

By Pras Rajagopalan, CBCNews.ca. Netbooks, the low-cost, low-maintenance, pared-down alternative to laptops, have just gotten a whole lot cheaper.

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BNN cracks down on Youtube

By Emily Chung, CBCNews.ca
The Business News Network faced some harsh accusations this week from Canadian copyright reform activists after it ordered some of its copyrighted videos to be removed from Youtube.

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Patent applications offer hint of what Apple has in store

By Peter Evans, CBCNews.ca

The Twitterverse is all, er, a-twitter, at the possibilities hinted at by a slew of patent applications that Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple Inc. has filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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