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Michael Jackson's death and who to believe online

By John Bowman, CBCNews.ca

I first heard that Michael Jackson had been taken to hospital on Twitter, from @BreakingNews, which cited TMZ.com. The celebrity gossip blog was also the first to declare that Jackson had died.

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Google privacy trial delayed

By Paul Jay, CBCNews.ca. The trial in Italy of four Google executives accused of defamation and violating privacy scheduled to begin Tuesday has been postponed until September because an interpreter was ill and unable to attend. As a result, content providers around the world may have to spend another three months fretting over the implications about a successful prosecution.

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Liberals support Net Neutrality. Now what?

By Paul Jay, CBCNews.ca. Last week Marc Garneau, the federal Liberal party critic for Industry, Science and Technology, spoke in Parliament and for the first time declared his party's support for the principle of net neutrality.

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Among wireless newbies, is 3 a crowd?

By Paul Jay, CBCNews.ca. The Canadian Telecom Summit's final presentation was a panel with the heads from three of the new wireless entrants: Dave Dobbin from DAVE Wireless, Tony Lacavera from Globalive and Alek Krstajic from Public Mobile.

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Have you switched internet providers? Why?

By Paul Jay, CBCNews.ca. Cisco Canada president Nitin Kawale spoke Wednesday morning at the Canadian Telecom Summit about the danger for ISPs of letting companies like Google and Yahoo or content providers beat them to the punch when it comes to delivering online media, in particular video, a story we recently covered here as part of our Changing Channels feature.

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Torontonians like to tweet

By Claire Brownell, CBCNews.ca. A new study has confirmed what the rest of Canada knew all along: Toronto is full of twits.

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1% of Canadians on Twitter, suggests poll

By John Bowman, CBCNews.ca

An Ipsos Reid survey suggests 26 per cent of online Canadians are aware of Twitter, but of those, just six per cent reported using the social networking tool. That's just 1.45 per cent of Canada's internet population, or one per cent of all Canadians.

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Climate change scientists should rein in own emissions: researcher

By Emily Chung, CBCNews.ca. Ironically, tonnes of carbon dioxide are spewed into the atmosphere each year by scientists conducting climate change research in the Arctic.

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Leaked document suggests cheap iPhone coming

By Paul Jay, CBCNews.ca.

On Monday Apple Inc.'s annual developer conference begins, and big things are expected from the company that brought the iPod, iTunes and the iPhone.

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New net neutrality bill: now slightly tougher

By Paul Jay, CBC News.ca.

On Friday federal New Democrat digital affairs critic Charlie Angus tabled a private member's bill to keep internet service providers from throttling speeds and shaping traffic, his second attempt after an earlier bill got as far as first reading before last fall's election was called.

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