Jesse Brown: Election 08 voter toolkit

By Jesse Brown, CBC technology columnist.


Here's a roundup of links to help you quickly get up-to-speed for Tuesday's Canadian federal election:

Google Earth Elections Map
Cedric Sam developed this amazing mash-up. Analyze your riding from space! (Download required, Windows only. Boo-gle!)

Blogger Stephen Taylor put together this feed compiling whatever Canadians are saying right now about the election via Twitter.

Blogging Tories
Another Taylor effort aggregating the opinions of dozens of vocal Conservatives.

And here's the Liberal Equivalent, via Jason Cherniak

Further to the Left we find the always lively Babble.ca message boards.

MySpace Impact
A more "youthful" attempt at an election forum...

Canada Votes Issues page
The Ceeb's own guide to the topics at hand

And The Globe's

Anti-Harper Vote-Swapping Facebook Group
Check it out while it's still legal! 12,000 members and counting.

Nik on The Numbers

Here's the pollster that the parties read.