Tech eats into vacation time: Poll

CBC Staff

Oh what busy beavers we are. At least the cutting edge types who respond to online surveys.

Job hunt site Monster.ca asked how much work Canadians do on vacation.

Sadly, 17 per cent of 1,439 respondents said they "never really stop working" and nearly one in four one check e-mail and phone messages while purportedly relaxing.

Another 17 per cent are on a long leash - they're available for emergencies. Only 43 per cent don't work at all.

The many Canadians who take a "nocation" are missing the point, said Monster Canada GM Peter Gilfillan. Real relaxation requires a real break, he said.

Of course, there is a gaping hole in the crazy busy story: another Monster poll shows that one quarter of people completely organize their vacation at work, from research to booking, and another quarter do some vacation planning on the job.

Besides, it Canadians are so busy, where did we get the time to answer an e-poll?