CES: This year's dumbest (but also strangely desirable) gizmo

By Chad Sapieha, Special to CBCNews.ca

LAS VEGAS - And the prize for this year's dumbest (but also strangely desirable) gizmo goes to…

… A nearly life-sized (and very lifelike) R2-D2 DLP projector.

Nikko R2-D2 sapieha 400.jpg

That's right, for a mere $2,700 US, Star Wars fans everywhere will be able to get their geek on in superior fashion with this completely unnecessary but oddly appealing projector that has built-in 20-watt speakers, a DVD player, an iPod docking station and an image resolution of 1,360-by-768.

The image quality isn't anything to write home about, and I have no idea where I'd put the two-foot robot (or the large, exquisitely detailed Millennium-Falcon-shaped remote that comes with it), but I am ashamed to say that I really want one.

(The author is a Toronto-based freelance writer)