CES: Military-grade Bluetooth headsets now available to consumers

By Ted Kritsonis, Special to CBCNews.ca

LAS VEGAS - Danish company Invisio isn't really well-known beyond military circles, but its patented Bluetooth technology will likely hit Canadian soil later this year.

The high-end headsets were made for Special Forces soldiers, SWAT teams and law enforcement officials. The technology captures a person's voice from the inside, rather than the outside. What that means is that the sound travels to the headset from the vocal chords, through the bones, and then through the ear canal. This would make it entirely possible for someone to be heard clearly in a noisier environment.

invisio 400.jpg

The company is even offering a headset that can be used underwater.

The size is noteworthy, too - some of Invisio's models are almost half the size of the headsets currently available in stores. The flagship product, the Q7, will retail for $150 US, the company said.

No specific dates for a Canadian launch, but there are rumours it could be in the spring.

The author is a Toronto-based freelance writer