Answering your CES questions: Next-generation LCD screens and OLED

By Peter Nowak, CBCNews.ca

CBCnews.ca's reporters covering the Consumer Electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas are letting you be the interviewer - ask us what you'd like to know about announcements or the buzz on the show floor, and our reporters will do their best to find out.

Alan L. from Toronto asked: Is there any talk about the next generation of LCD screens? I believe they're called OLEDs. They're supposed to be brighter, with virtually no burn in issues, use less power and last 10 times longer.

Good news for you Alan - Sony has in fact launched an OLED TV at CES.

The bad news is it's only 11 inches and costs $2,500 US. Ouch.

Sony is the only company to launch an OLED screen so far, although Samsung has some prototypes on display - 14- and 31-inch models.

It's going to be years before these things get affordable and at a decent size, so you may not want to wait around.

The bright side is the organic light emitting diode displays don't need a backlight, so the TVs are super slim - less than an inch thick. They also have better blacks and a much improved contrast ratio, which means a stunning picture. So OLED is something to look forward to - just don't expect to be hanging one in your living room any time soon.