One more level?

by Paul Jay, CBCNews.ca

For some couples, video games can be a divisive issue, particularly if one of the spouses is spending more time than the other fighting hordes of orcs and dark elves. In the lexicon of trend watching , the spouses on the outside looking in are called "gamer widows." Toronto resident Sherry Myrow has even started up an online support group.

If this is you, tech humour site BBSpot has posted a funny flow chart to organize your priorities.

My wife Allysun is not a gamer widow yet, but she has been known to shudder after my half-an-hour of Civilization IV or Neverwinter Nights turns into two or more. Like the American Medical Association, I'm not ready to call it an addiction yet. But I do recognize that while I am conquering Byzantium or skewering Ogres, the barbecue grill could be cleaned and the basement clutter reorganized. Owning a home is like playing an RPG: there's always another task, another chance to level up, or in this case, upgrade.

So, to all those gamers out there, how do you keep the gaming in check?