I have more friends than Barack Obama

by Jesse Brown, CBC Radio

Ever hear the story of the regular Joe who built one of the world’s most influential political fan pages and then lost it to the candidate he idolized?

Joe Anthony registered Myspace.com/BarackObama in 2004. By April of 2007 Joe had more than 160,000 “friends,” all dedicated to supporting Democrat Barack Obama for U.S. president.

But Obama didn’t support Joe. His campaign seized control of the site and accused Joe of shaking them down for cash. Joe says it isn’t true. So what really happened?

Find out Thurday on the first feature documentary for CBC's new radio show Search Engine, "I have more friends than Barack Obama", produced by Jeremy Gans. (Broadcast times: CBC Radio One, Thursday Sept. 13 at 11:30 a.m., repeated Tuesday Sept.18th at 3:30pm in some areas, or listen to the podcast.)

For now, here's some background on the story by TechPresident.com editor Micah Sifry, who will also appear in the doc.