iPhone teen gets lucky

by Peter Nowak, CBCNews.ca

Further to last week's news about the New Jersey teen who figured out a way to hack Apple's iPhone so that it works on wireless networks other than AT&T's - it looks like he has struck it rich, in a manner of speaking. Or did he? Seventeen-year-old George Hotz had to cancel the eBay auction of his cracked phone because of suspected fake bids. Once they got over $10,000 US he apparently started to get suspicious.

But then there's the good news. Hotz announced on his blog that Terry Daidone, founder of Certicell, which refurbishes old phones, got in touch and offered him a brand new Nissan 350Z roadster (not Mazda, as we mentioned yesterday - thanks to sharp-eyed readers for pointing it out!) and three new 8-gigabyte iPhones in exchange for the hacked device. Hotz, being somewhat of a car buff, jumped at the deal and plans to give the phones to three techies that helped him hack the device. "This has been a great end to a great summer," he wrote on his blog.

Of course, that didn't stop some people from criticizing Hotz in comments on his blog. "If any of the really high bids were legit, you could have bought your whole team cars. I think this was really bad decision making," one person wrote. Given that the news of his breakthrough made international headlines, some suggest he didn't cash in enough from his 15 minutes of fame. Or was he simply not being greedy?