Apple chops prices with metal iMacs

by Dan Westell, CBCNews.ca

Apple has cut the prices on its new, glossy iMacs, and it looks like the price drop was bigger in Canada than the U.S.

The new machines are skinnier than their predecessors. Apple gushes that the iMac's new look is also "gorgeous," with its aluminum and glass casing. The latest iMac line has bells and whistles such as iLife ’08 to manage and share videos and photos, and the machines are more powerful than previous models, the company says.

The price of the latest iMacs is down by $350 to $400 for a Canadian buyer, and $200 to $300 south of the border, compared to previous models. Americans will pay $1,199 for the 20 inch version; Apple Canada wants $1,299. The price gap is the same for the 24-inch screen; the ask is $1,799 US, $1899 Cdn.

Time was, the difference in Canadian and U.S. prices was put down to the weak loonie. Well, that excuse is gone, and even Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is asking companies to cut prices because our buck is nearly at par with the U.S. greenback. So what about that last $100, Mr. Mac?