Video game sales jump in Canada

by Paul Jay, CBCNews.ca

Nintendo consoles continue to lead the pack as video game sales in Canada grew by 61 per cent from last year, according to results posted this week.

According to the retail analyst The NPD Group, the Nintendo Wii's flagship game Wii Play (with remote) was the top selling game in Canada through the first six months of the year. The Wii had three more games in the top 10 while Nintendo's portable DS had another three in the top 10. Value packs for the Microsoft's XBox and Sony's PS2 and the PS2's God of War were also in the top 10.

The total retail sales in Canada for video games reached $498 million during the first half of the year, a 61 per cent increase over the same period last year, NPD said.

These numbers are likely to grow in the second half of 2007, when traditionally successful franchises like Electronic Arts' Madden and Medal of Honor games come out, as well as an expected wave of games for the third generation consoles like the PS3 and XBox 360.

The most popular game in the United States so far this year is Activision's Guitar Hero II, available on a number of platforms.