Second Life business sues for copyright infringement

by Jennifer Wilson, CBCNews.ca

Online sources are reporting that Second Life entrepreneur Kevin Alderman, who runs the adult-content company Eros LLC, filed a copyright infringement lawsuit Tuesday against Second Life resident Volkov Catteneo. The case has already sparked debate on high-profile blogs about the potential legal fallout for the virtual world.

A court document made available by Reuter's Second Life Bureau accuses Catteneo of illegally copying and selling Eros's SexGen bed, a piece of virtual furniture that displays sex animations.

On GigaOm, blogger Wagner James Au reports that this could be a precedent setting case, if it makes it to court.

Reports say Alderman's lawyer plans to subpoena Linden Labs to force it to disclose Catteneo's real-world identity.
Steve O'Hear on Zdnet says the real issue here is not copyright infringement, but whether individuals can keep their virtual and real life identities separate.