High-tech security at Palm

by Saleem Khan, CBC News online

Palm Americas International president Michael Moskowitz was showing me the Foleo wireless e-mail, documents and web browsing smartphone companion yesterday prior to its launch and mentioned that he often uses the device at home - a little odd for a gadget designed for people on-the-go.

I asked him if home was the only place he uses it, considering it has been under wraps until now.

"Actually," he said, pausing for a moment as he searched around for something, "if you go down to the Palm campus [in Santa Clara, Calif.], everybody is walking around with one of these tucked under their arm."

He then slid the notepad-sized Foleo into a FedEx envelope, showing how Palm staff has been disguising it in public.

"It's hilarious," he said.

It seems that snail mail still has its benefits, even in the age of instantaneous e-mail communication.