Our genes are stepping into the forefront of our choices. There are an increasing amount of genetic tests that can find and identify genes and chromosomes connected with diseases. En(gene)ed will explore the impacts of genetics and genetic knowledge on our lives and the lives of our children.

Genetic testing is often thought of as a personal decision. But that's not the case if you are an identical twin. That's because the pair have exactly the same genes and therefore, the same results.

We're going to meet two sisters who had very different opinions on getting tested for the breast cancer gene that runs in their family.

Genetic research may help solve Alzheimer's puzzle
The Alzheimer's Society in Sudbury has seen an increase of 15 per cent more people using their services in the last two years.
Sudbury family helps in search for autism genes
A Sudbury family is helping researchers at Queen's University in Kingston in a national study about autism. Scientists are reviewing the genetics of about 3,000 families to see if there are any genes connected to the condition.
Breast cancer gene test referrals increasing
Genetic counsellors say more people in Sudbury are getting tested for the breast cancer gene.
Sudbury woman faces challenge of getting tested for Huntington’s
Since 2009, the number of people going to Genetic Counseling Services at Health Sciences North in Sudbury has increased by about 10 per cent each year.