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Yannick Bisson Talks Directing Stephen Harper On ‘Murdoch Mysteries’

Yannick Bisson, the star of 'Murdoch Mysteries', recently had a pretty unusual guest star on his show: Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In this clip, Yannick talks about what it was like being on set with the PM...and the agonizing decision about what to call him.

Yannick's in the red chair tonight at 7, and Season 6 of 'Murdoch Mysteries' premieres at 9 tonight, Monday January 7, on CBC Television.

In this clip, Yannick talks about...

Directing "Steve"
"I don't know how it all came to be, but I found myself on the floor, watching security people walking around, frisking, dogs sniffing, and the next thing you know, I had to direct....Steve."

The PM's Performance
"We had to correct like one tiny thing, and it was technical. He was perfect."


THE BIO: Yannick Bisson