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Xavier Dolan on Getting a Phone Call From Brad Pitt

Xavier Dolan's new movie 'Laurence Anyways' recently won Best Canadian Feature at this year's Toronto International Film Festival. In this clip, he tells George about how he responded when Brad Pitt called him after seeing his first movie. Hint: Xavier would probably like a do-over. Plus, is he a Quebecois or a Canadian filmmaker? And can you be both?

On Brad Pitt:
"His team saw 'I Killed My Mother' in Cannes and left a message. I'm pretty disorganized.... I called back three and a half weeks later, baked as a cake.... It didn't work out."

On being a Quebecois or Canadian filmmaker:
"I'm part of this country.... Well, I define myself as a Canadian person, because I live in Canada. I define myself as a Quebecois filmmaker because my movies are soaked with the Quebecois attitude and culture, and language and vocabulary and history."

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