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Without Judy Collins, Leonard Cohen Might Never Have Started Performing

In the '60s, the world knew Leonard Cohen as a writer and poet only. He hadn't started exploring music yet, in part because he was convinced he couldn't play guitar and couldn't sing.

But that changed the day he met Judy Collins. She was instrumental (HA!) in helping Leonard find the confidence to get up onstage -- although the first time it happened, things didn't exactly go according to plan...

Judy's latest album, 'Bohemian,' is in stores now.

In this clip, Judy talks about...

How she met Leonard Cohen
"He wants to come to New York and meet you, and sing you his songs so you can tell him whether they're songs. And he was leaving and I said, 'Why don't you come tomorrow and sing me a song?' and he did. And he prefaced it by saying, 'I can't sing and I can't play the guitar, and I don't know if this is a song.'"

Leonard leaving the stage
"He got halfway through 'Suzanne,' and he stopped, and walked off the stage."


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