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William H. Macy On The Unexpected Gift That Changed His Life

William H. Macy tells a touching story about a life-changing moment: back in his early days in Chicago, his theatre company (the St Nicholas Theatre Company) was on the verge of collapse, his mother decided to give him her inheritance.

William's new movie is called 'The Sessions'. It's in select theatres today.

In this clip, William talks about...

The gift that changed his life
"I think there are moments in your life that you know are watershed moments... it was a lot of money, it was about $15-18,000 dollars, and as angry as we all were with each other, $18k is another play - so we did another play, and THAT play turned out to be AMERICAN BUFFALO and won a Tony and all these awards and put Dave Mamet on the map - and put me on the map, too!"