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William H. Macy On Sex And Violence In America

William H. Macy's new movie is called 'The Sessions,' and it's all about sexuality, therapy and religion.

In the red chair, William talks about the challenges of raising two daughters in America, and how it seems that violence is everywhere on movie screens - but expressions of genuine sexuality are censored.

William's in the red chair tonight, along with our panel guest, British crime fiction writer Mark Billingham.

In this clip, William talks about...

What's wrong with America today

"I'm recently on a bit of a bandwagon because I feel like the whole perversity with which the United States deals with sexuality, is reaching some sort of critical mass. The M.P.A.A. (Motion Picture Association of America) Board that rates our films is completely comfortable with having a 13-14 year old watch a young girl be disemboweled and beheaded - that's ok... but you can't see her breasts because you don't want to 'corrupt our youth'. I think it's time for somebody to say 'Sex is good. It's really good, it's great. Even the bad sex I've had was pretty good. And violence is bad - it's always bad. It's ugly and it's bad, and we got to reverse them."


THE BIO: William H. Macy