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Will Ferrell on Elf: “I Knew It Was Either Gonna Really Work Or Really Fail”

Elf, Will Ferrell's holiday film about a human who thinks he's one of Santa's elves, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Though the movie is much-loved these day, when Ferrell was making it he thought it was going to end his career.

"I remember running around New York in that outfit literally thinking, 'This is the end," Ferrell told George in an interview. "'This is the end of my career.' In pointy shoes. In tights. I just knew it was a big roll of the dice. I loved this concept of a human raised at the North Pole who thinks he's an elf and finds out he isn't. But I had just come off of Old School, this R-rated crazy-man's film and now I'm doing this family Christmas movie.

"I knew it was either gonna really work or really fail."

Will Ferrell's interview with George airs Monday, December 9 on CBC. Ferrell's new movie Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues opens December 18.