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Zoe Kazan On Growing Up In A Family Of Artists
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Zoe Kazan, who stars in the film The F Word, comes from a family of writers and filmmakers. Her parents are screenwriters Nicholas Kazan and Robin Swicord, and her grandparents were film director Elia Kazan and playwright Molly Kazan.

When she was in the red chair, George played her a clip of her grandfather, Elia Kazan.

"The value of art is something that's not questioned in my house," she said after seeing the clip. "I think in some families, if you're not a doctor or a lawyer, what you do doesn't matter.

But, there's a real sense that attention must be paid, that sitting down at your typewriter, your computer, your desk and writing something down, or going and spending a lot of time reading a text and figuring out how to enter it as an actor — that stuff is considered in some ways sacred work in my house."

Kazan's interview with George airs May 2 on CBC Television.

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