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Tim Leiweke Explains Raptor Kyle Lowry’s Special Healing Ability
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On March 21, the Toronto Raptors lost a thrilling double-overtime game to the Oklahoma City Thunder by a final score of 119-118.

Raptors star Kyle Lowry scored 25 points in 46 minutes of play — but he did it in a most unusual way.

Tim Leiweke, the President and CEO of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, explained what went down during an interview with George.

"Kyle has been carrying the whole burden for us all year," said Leiweke. "He's wearing out. Just aches and pains and finally at the end of the game we're up, and they tell him, 'That's it. You're shut down.' And they take him back to the training table and the doctor said, 'You're done. You're finished. You're done for the night. And you're done for a couple of games here... you gotta rest.' And then Oklahoma does their little run at the end and all of a sudden the doctor looks around and Kyle's gone.

"He's literally darted from the training room without telling the doctors, goes back on, looks at the coach and says 'I'm in,' walks back into the game, checks himself into the game. The coach knew it, the coach was like, 'Go.' And we go to two overtimes with Oklahoma. They had to sit down with him after the game finally and just say, 'Kyle, this is it. You're done. You gotta take a couple games off.'

"[Raptors GM] Masai [Ujiri] gets a call the next day. Our athletic trainer who's phenomenal, says, 'You won't believe this. I've never seen anything like it. I'm telling you, whatever was going on with him the swelling's gone, he's 100 per cent.' And this was a guy who was saying we gotta do an intervention to keep him out. He told Masai he's ready to go."

George then said, "I don't believe in miracles. That sounds suspicious. What's going on?" 

"Yeah, well, if there was some secret potion we had, believe me, I'd put it in the Leafs dressing room, too," Leiweke replied. 

George's interview with Tim Leiweke airs Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 7 pm on CBC.