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Tha Time Toronto FC’s Michael Bradley Played Through An Injury And Then Got 13 Staples In His Head
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American soccer star Michael Bradley left top tier Italian team A.S. Roma to join the Toronto FC earlier this year. In an interview with George, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment President and CEO Tim Leiweke called Bradley "everything we want our company to be, straight across the board."

Exhibit A?

Bradley's performance in the team's March 22 home opener against D.C. United.

"This is our opening game, he goes in for a 50/50 ball in the air, he knocks the other guy for D.C. United out, and he left, and we didn't see [the D.C. United player] the rest of the day.

"Finally one of our guys grabs [Bradley] and says, 'You gotta go see the trainer.... Dude, you're bleeding like a mother. I mean, a Bloody Big Deal's a good campaign, but you really are bleeding.'

"They take him over there, and they put it on, and he's yelling at the trainer going, 'I gotta go, because they're about the start again, and I'm not going to miss the rest of the game.' He goes back out there, plays the whole game, he was unbelievable.

"And then they put 13 staples in his head after the game to close that gash."

George's interview with Tim Leiweke airs Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 7 pm on CBC.