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R.H. Thomson On The Future Of The CBC
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When Canadian actor R.H. Thomson was in the red chair, George took the opportunity to ask him about the state of the movie and TV business in Canada.

"There are some enormous wonderful things, and there are some very hard headwinds that we're facing into," Thomson said. "Just look at the budget of the CBC."

"People don't understand the role of a public broadcaster in the whole ecosystem. It's absolutely essential. A public broadcaster, belongs to the public, which is like a public park of broadcasting. Everyone's allowed in a public park. Anybody can come in. That's a public broadcaster: to tell the stories and the news, the local news, drama. And when you decide to shrink it, you actually shrink the public park in your city and in your country. That's not a great place to go."

"If you leave it just to bare, bald and brutal market forces, there will be no Canadian stories told on television and radio. Period."

Thomson's latest project is The World Remembers, an ambitious attempt to honour each of the more than nine million soldiers who lost their lives in the First World War. Thomson's interview with George airs Thursday May 1 on CBC.